Pastor Bob
Executive Director

Bob is a Nova Scotia native and has called Lower Sackville home for much of his life. The eldest of two children, Bob had a knowledge and belief in the Lord, being raised in the Catholic faith. It wasn’t until his mid-thirties that Bob came to know Jesus as his true Lord & Saviour. He spent much of his life to this point battling personal demons on many levels. Substance abuse, mental health issues, relational dysfunctions, were fabrics that were knit into his life.

Bob, along with his wife Sherri call Rock Church home. They have a blended family of 4 beautiful daughters. Bob has served in the ushering and men’s ministry with his church. A product of the Alpha program, he sees this as a very worthwhile learning tool and is a huge proponent of it. Especially in the institutional system.

Pathways has been in Bob’s blood for well over four years. During his tenure to date he has been a mentor, board member, Treasurer, Facility Coordinator, and Assistant Executive Director. One could say he has been well groomed for the office he now holds. Bob is able to relate from a well-rounded perspective of what it means to have been an offender, family member of an incarcerated person, and also as a victim of crime. Just as his own life has been thoroughly impacted, Bob firmly believes that lives are salvageable. Lives that can be forever changed, through a personal relationship with Christ Jesus. It just takes the willingness to walk and live by biblically based teaching and constant awareness of the price paid upon the cross at Calvary. Bob is an Ordained Minister as of May 2014.  One of Bob’s favourite pieces of scripture comes from the prophet Jeremiah’s letter to the captives in chapter 29:11-14.

Nancy was born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada. Her mother was a faithful believer in Jesus Christ and she ensured that all her children attended church and Sunday school. Nancy the youngest of five children knew from a young age that she believed in God and she had some real encounters with Jesus as a young child.  During her teen years she chose to walk away from the faith in which she was raised.  As time went on she became wife,   mother of three wonderful sons, and mother in law to an amazing daughter; now Nana to a granddaughter.

In her late thirties, during a period of incarceration in a provincial jail, she came to know Jesus as her Lord and Saviour.  During this time a woman mentored her and helped her in her new found faith; upon release and house arrest she continued to be a friend through prayer and visitation.

Once settled into a local church Nancy became involved in many areas of ministry wanting to serve and give back. It was through the Alpha program that her hunger to see peoples lives changed grew and she continued to seek God for His Will for her life. God then began to speak to her about prison ministry.  Her personal experience and testimony, and her relationship with a mentor all combined with a God given passion to see those imprisoned come to a saving knowledge of Jesus lead Nancy to found Pathways to Freedom Ministries.

Through Nancy’s continuing testimony, the work he has done in her life, her marriage and her ministry she gives God all the Glory and Praise.   She looks forward to sharing Jesus whenever she has opportunity, his message through her and her ministry will encourage and build up the body of Christ, his Church.

Alan B. is a local businessman and  a member of the Pathways to Freedom Board of Directors. His faith journey began over 30 years ago when he accepted the Lord Jesus as his personal saviour. He has been a mentor with Pathways since 2010, working with men to build friendships, encourage them to make wise decisions and to trust in God. He had no prior exposure to the justice system, so everything was knew, but he quickly learned that the only real pre-requisite was a desire to bring hope to those who have fallen into trouble.
“My experience inside the institution wasn’t what I expected. I have never felt at risk, and in fact I was surprised at how I was welcomed. The inmates have seemed truly thankful that we take an interest in them; the Corrections Officers have been supportive of our involvement as they see us working to be positive influences on the inmates; and the community of faith around us encourage our work and support us in prayer.”
Alan’s favourite part of this ministry is helping others grow in their relationship with God.

Jessica is a 24 year old social work student with an undergrad in psychology,  who will be graduating with her BSW in 2013. Currently Jessica’s work experience has primarily been as a support worker in male and female shelters, and half way houses.  Jessica has experience volunteering in various mental facilities.

Jessica was raised in a Baptist church where she attended Sunday school, youth group, and pioneers but for many years as a teenager she spent time away. Later on, as a young adult she began to attending local churches periodically. In the beginning of 2011 Jessica had true revelation of who God is and what He has done and surrendered her life, now calling herself a born-again Christian rather than tying herself to any one denomination.

Jessica became interested in PTFM after hearing Nancy speak. Jessica had recently been struggling with her career choice knowing it was the field she wanted to work in but understanding a piece was missing-social work was only half of the equation and in order to truly change lives, clients needed to be introduced to Jesus Christ as their personal savior. PTFM ties these two pieces together and has the potential to make amazing changes in our clients lives.

I have been married to my wonderful lady Olive for 45 years, and my Christian years are the greatest and best years of all. We have 3 daughters and 3 grandchildren.
I grew up in Newfoundland with a great Christian mother. At the age of 52, I gave my life totally to Christ, who in-turn gave me new start and new life.
My personal commandment – do onto others as you wish other to do onto you, this I live by.
All men are to be given equal opportunity to receive God’s gift through His Son Jesus, as I was given.
I have been involved with various activities:
Past Director of Halifax Mission to Seafarers.
Past vice Chair of Halifax Mission to Seafarers
Director H/R The Gideons, Halifax Camp.
Executive Member of Watchmen Ministry, Rock Church
Life Group Leader, Rock Church
Director of The Gideon Annual Golf Tournament
My involvement as board member for Pathways to Freedom Ministries – to be Helper of others and most of all follower of Jesus Christ.

My name is G. I became a Christian when I was eighteen years old and felt the Lord’s call to minister to the poor, downtrodden, broken-hearted and in prison. I have worked within the criminal justice system for a number of years helping those released from prison who have problems with addictions, anger, abuse, mental illness etc.
I have been involved in various capacities over the years in my home church: women’s ministries; small groups, and children’s ministries. More recently I am on the Missions Council and am a part of the Go Teams who have ministered in various countries in a practical way to assist a local ministry within that country. I am also part of the Perspective team in HRM which helps train individuals who feel that the Lord is calling them into missions and want to take the next step to prepare for this.
I am excited about being a board member on Pathways to Freedom Ministries and see it as another way to practically fulfill the call to minister the love of Christ to the poor, downtrodden, broken-hearted and in prison.


Sherri was born and raised in Nova Scotia, and resides in Lower Sackville with her husband Bob.  She is the eldest of three siblings, and she is a loving Mom and step-mother, and an Auntie to  awesome nieces and nephews.
A born again Christian for over 12 years, she is a graduate of ASK Bible School.  Sherri majored in Christian counseling while studying there.  In her late thirties, Sherri found herself in some entangling situations which, long story short, found her incarcerated in a provincial jail.  The good news however, is that God is no respecter of persons.  He loved Sherri through her mess, and He is now using that as her message!  The Lord is in the business of restoration after all.  His desire is to see men and women bow their knees in surrender to Him.  This means that for anyone who is incarcerated, God has a plan for your life as well!
Sherri is a gifted servant; she loves to serve and help others find their paths that God has set aside for them to follow Him on.  Her favorite scriptures are Psalm 91 and Isaiah 61.
Alan M.
It was some thirty-five years ago that my wife Pat and I committed our lives to Jesus.  Shortly thereafter Don Berry, a Christian musician, invited us to accompany him to Dorchester Penitentiary for a Praise service.  And, with some trepidation, we went.  Over the years we have continued our connection with prisoners and ex-offenders alike through various means.  We have even take our motorcycle in a few times when we visited with the Christian Bikers!  For over 25 years we have  supported the ministry of Metro Community Chaplaincy which served ex-offenders and their families.  Today, MCC is now a part of of this ministry, PTFM.  One of our greatest delights has been to share the Alpha program, introducing Christianity as lifestyle.  We have facilitated Alpha to the men and women at the Central Nova Scotia Correctional Facility (CNSCF).  My wife and I are also very active in our home church, and the prison ministry of that fellowship.
The needs of those incarcerated has always been on our hearts.  As we are getting older, we look to the younger generation to take interest and responsibility in caring for those who have broken the law and are at a crossroads in their life.  These people are in need of those to come along side them and point the way to grace and forgiveness, and a new life in Christ.  What is there that could be more rewarding than that!