From the Mail Bag

I love the trip to the post office.  The anticipation of what may lie in compartment 73 sometimes makes me feel like a kid at Christmas.  There are days when of course you turn the key, and the compartment is empty.  Bummer!  Or the days when I am rushing home from the daytime J.O.B.  that pays the bills and get to the box and there lies nothing but junk mail…….drat.

However, one such trip last week stunned me, for lack of a better term.  Here in the box was a letter from a client named “Trey” (not his real name of course).  Trey was a client we had gotten to know at a federal facility here in the Atlantic region.  Due to circumstances, he got moved to P.C. (protective custody).  This move made it very hard to meet with him one on one.   The only form of smooth communication then, is letter writing.

As I read Trey’s letter closely, I was moved in my heart to learn of the good progress he is making.  You see, Trey was transferred out of region to a different facility elsewhere in the country.  For Trey, I can only go by his letter that this has been a very positive transition for him.  A very troubled past has plagued this man for quite some time.  Sexual abuse inflicted upon him in his younger years took quite a toll.  He writes that he has finally been able to address those painful, traumatic emotions.  And, I am willing to bet dollars to donuts that it wasn’t a very easy road to tow.  And you want to know what else?   He has been able to complete high school, and is nearing the finish of two college courses.  Relationships with family have been mended.  Working as a tutor to help his peers with completing high school.   And drum roll please for the best one……… he has drawn closer and closer to the Lord!  To Him who deserves all honor and praise!

You’ll notice I never did say why Trey is incarcerated.  Frankly, I don’t know, nor does it matter and I wouldn’t tell you anyway even if I did know.  What does matter, is that he is child of the Most High.  Trey is a coveted jewel in the Lord’s crown. Jesus didn’t walk the earth and hang with those uppity religious types, folks.  No, He kept the company with the lepers, prostitutes, thieves, murderers and the like.  Those were His people, the people the religious fanatics of the time mocked and scorned.  Jesus liked to keep company with the real deals in society.  And He loves those imprisoned.  What better an audience to show the unconditional love of God Almighty. The prisoner’s Jehovah – Raah.

I love Jesus.  I love the work I do for Jesus.  And, I love to see Jesus do amazing work in the lives of those who are broken and live in darkness.  Our God is an awesome God.  Why don’t you pray for  man or woman today who is imprisoned?  Pray that God will meet them where they are, and that He will instill in them the wisdom, strength, & courage to pick up their cross and follow Him. What have you got to lose?  You never know who may be occupying the spot beside you in your pew………