We all have talents

One thing I have learned is that we all have God-given talents, no matter or lot is life or situations we find ourselves in.  Some of us have the ability to play musical instruments, some have an innate ability to work with numbers and figures, or there are those who have an artistic flair.  There is that one thing within us that we are good at, and some it takes a time to bring it forth.  I have a step daughter who drives me insane – she pretty much can excel at whatever she puts her hands to!

This is no different in the lives of those in our penitentiaries across our nation.  We have gifted musicians, intelligent individuals.  Just because of where they are, doesn’t mean those talents have to diminish. I get letter after letter from men that can express ideals and desires quite logically.  This one gentleman was telling me about the hand the life dealt him with numerous setbacks and tragedies.  Not that he was looking for me to feel sorry for him, as he was well aware of why he is at where he is.  It was to explain how a passion and something good came from a lot of bad and negative.  He writes poetry and sent me one that I can share:

Open Your Mind

Elements of the sky, different forms around us. What flows through the air, the difference between you and I. We have a place on this earth, but how long before it bursts? Maybe not into flames, will we remain the same? Different changes among us, revolutionized, but, when does it end?

Elements are all around us that are the same for you and me. Sometimes, someone’s words are not so clear; sometimes, someone tries to listen when their mind isn’t there. There are different forms and signs around us when we struggle and think it is all going to end.  Who is to blame? Before we burst and struggle with our troubles in this place we call earth.

How many times must we change before they realize, before it is too late and does end. “I can feel it call in the air tonight” but what does that really mean? Don’t live your life IN yesterday’s struggles, don’t talk as you did when you were stuck with all your troubles.  Just open your mind and realize one day at a time, just look at yourself and realize that there is something left. When does it start? When does it begin? We have the power before it all ends. Open your mind, WE have the power within!

By: T.F.

You see, we must not conform our minds  to society’s outlook and view on those who do wrong.  God loves them despite any wrongs they have done, and He places within them gems of talents just as He does you and I.  Open your mind states this writer, Open Your Mind!