PTFM can only contact an inmate if the inmate puts in a request. Brochures are available at chapels in each facility; the inmate may fill out the request card and mail it to the address enclosed.
A family member or other interested individual may contact the facility chaplain who can then help to refer you to this program.
You may also contact us online to make a request on behalf of an incarcerated individual but we then have to work through the chaplain. We may not approach the individual without permission of staff or chaplain.
Inmates or a person working on their behalf must fill out the inmate application form.
The application must be signed by the chaplain or another responsible person. In the case of Federal Offenders who are in the Reception Centre awaiting placement. They must be pen-placed before a mentor will be matched.

Here is a list of the facilities we currently visit and have mentor client relationships:

  • Dorchester Penitentiary, Dorchester NB: Dorchester is also a medium security federal facility for male offenders. Within Dorchester is the Shepody Healing Center. It is in itself is a multi-level treatment center with the focus being on psychiatric care, this is also the medical centre for inmates required this type of care.  This institution would be visited during chapel services on Sunday evenings and Wednesday evenings for Fellowship service.
  • Springhill Institution, Springhill NS: Springhill is a medium security federal facility. It houses male offenders, and is also the Atlantic Region Reception Center. This means that all Atlantic Provinces offenders sentenced to federal time come through here to be assessed and then transferred to other institutions. (Referred to as Penn Placed) We visit the institution on Tuesdays for fellowship as well as on Sundays for the chapel services. There are various visit times available for mentors to meet with their matches.
  • Westmorland Institution, Dorchester NB: This is a minimum security federal facility for male offenders housed on the grounds of Dorchester Penitentiary. History would have it as one of the federal “prison farms” that no longer exist. Inmates would participate in agriculture programs the facility at one time would have operated. We visit this institution currently on Sundays to meet with our clients and for chapel services.

The above noted are the facilities we are currently involved with on a regular basis. We wait for the Lord’s timing to open up opportunities for us in the other facilities in the region.

These would be as follows:

  • Nova Institution, Truro NS: A multi-level federal facility for female offenders.
  • Nova Scotia Youth Facility, Waterville NS: Our director as visited at this facility usually on a Wednesday night with a local youth group. The visit would be in the chapel, with worship and sharing with the youth housed here.
  • Atlantic Institution, Renous NB: This facility is the Atlantic Region’s maximum security federal facility. It houses male offenders.

Visit times for and writing addresses for our clients are included below;
Visiting time generally but subject to change.

Springhill Institution:

  • Regular Visit times: Tuesdays 1:00 4:00 – 6:00 – 8:00 you are encouraged to attend fellowship after your visit
  • Sundays 1:00 – 4:00 Sunday visits require that you attend chapel service and then visit with your match. Other times maybe available upon request please check with Nancy, a weeks’ notice is appropriate for your visits.

Address to write your match: 
(Inmate Name)
Springhill Institution
P.O. Box 2019
Springhill, Nova Scotia
B0M 1X0
Westmorland Institution:

  • Regular Visit times: Sunday’s 4:00 – 6:45 Chapel service begins at 7:00 it would be appropriate to meet with your match and then stay for the service.
  • Monday – Wednesday 7:30 – 11:30 and 1:15- 4:00 these times may be narrowed as appropriate.

Please book your visits at least 1 week in advance, through  “Facility Co-ordinator”; if a time is arranged from visit to visit please clear it through the chaplain and please advise Pathways immediately.
Address to write your match: 
(Inmate Name)
Westmorland Institution
4902A Main Street
Dorchester, NB
E4K 2Y9

All mail must go return addressed to the PTFM mail box,  all letters being written to inmates must go through PTFM staff.